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:C by anthroguy101
:C, a photo by anthroguy101 on Flickr.


#AC2012 Meme

Anthrocon Meme - 2012

  • What is your gender? Male
  • What do you look like? http://www.furaffinity.net/view/7781561/
  • How old are you? 19
  • How tall are you? 182cm
  • How would you describe yourself? I am the opinionated guy that asks a lot of questions and has lots of ideas.
  • Are you taken? No.
  • Are you nice? Yes.
  • Are you cliquey? I'm always willing to meet new people.
  • You like shinies? I LOVE SHINIES!
  • Can I talk about/do drugs in front of you? Talk about: yes. Do: the nicest thing I can say about that is "no."
  • Can I invite you out for food/fun/etc? If I have free time for it, sure.
  • Can I come with you for food/fun/etc? If you know me or the people I'm hanging out with, sure.  If you don't, ask.
  • Can I talk to you? Yes.
  • Can I give you stuff? Yes.
  • Can I hug you? Yes.
  • Can I hug your friends? Ask them first.
  • Can I cuddle with you? As long as you know that I'm straight.
  • Can I flirt with you? As long as you know that I'm straight.
  • Can I stalk you? No.
  • Are there any words I shouldn't use around you? No.
  • Can I buy you drinks? I'd love free Pepsi!
  • Can I ask you to dance? I've never danced with other people before, but I'm willing to try something new.
  • Attending parties? I'm going to the Save Fernando's party!
  • Can I buy you food sometime? Sure.
  • Can I make plans with you? Yes.
  • Can I visit you in your room? If it's okay with my roomates.
  • Can I take a picture of you? Yes.
  • If I see you, how should I get your attention? Say my name.
  • How can I find you? Twitter and FourSquare would be the best way.  Follow my twitter page and look for check-ins on FourSquare.  If you want to meet up, send me a tweet or talk to me on foursquare.  I will be all over the convention center and around the city for lunch and dinner.
  • Where are you staying? Westin.
  • Who will you be rooming with? Pups, Windwolf, Fox-Albi-Azul, and possibly other people.
  • Who will you be hanging out with? Pups, Windwolf, Fox-Albi-Azul, and other people.
  • Major plans at the con: See Fox-Albi-Azul's fursuit, take pictures, eat at Furnando's, go to the Save Fernando's party, 2's Rant, Uncle Kage's Story Hour, brony panel, other panels, watch the Fursuit Parade, and go to the art show.
  • Fursuit(s): None. :(

#KCFurBowl Update

The next bowling meet will be on Sunday, 20 May 2012 at 13:30.  This time the event will be at AMF Pro Bowl

We plan on playing three games.  The price for three games and shoes will be 25USD.

We will be reserving lanes.  Everyone that wants to attend will have to RSVP.  If you RSVP, you will have a guaranteed slot.  If you don't RSVP and we don't have enough lanes, you will not be able to bowl.  You can RSVP by clicking the link below:

For more updates, follow @anthroguy101 and @sawblade5 on Twitter or look for hashtag #KCFurBowl
You can watch anthroguy101 on FurAffinity or friend this LiveJournal page. 

Also, be sure to sign up on our group page at KCFur.org for all the latest updates on events happening here in KC. 

Have fun and let the good times roll!


AnthroCon Journal

For the last few months my AnthroCon plans were on very thin ice. I was planning on re-taking speech over the summer. I was going to miss a Thursday class, and I didn't know whether or not the speech curriculum would be able to work around that, or if I would have enough time to get the work done. However, I recently found out that I don't have to re-take speech, and that it would be best to continue going towards my Associate's. This summer I will be taking pre-Calc instead. Getting ahead in math is my absolute top priority. I will still miss a Thursday class, but getting ahead in math work is much easier than in an LA course such as Speech.

In short, yes, I will be at AC this year.

The last AnthroCon I went to was #AC2010. That was also my first convention ever. I was very shy back then (I was recovering from the fallout of drama) and most people didn't even recognize me. I was not as well-known back then as I am today. In fact, I barely used any social network at all. I didn't go to any panels. I just went in circles between music performances and the merchant area. I also saw 2's rant. That was it.

This year is going to be different. There are a lot of "firsts" for this convention. This is the first con where my badge will say "anthroguy101" instead of "Clarke." This will be the first convention I will be going to during school. This will be the first convention that I will be going to without any parents. This will be the first convention that I will be flying to, and the first time I will ever be flying alone. This is the first time I will have to budget for food. This is the first time I will be rooming with other furries. This will also the first con that I will be bringing my Panasonic Lumix DMC-FH24, and the first con where my SD card will be able to record the entire fursuit parade in HD (something I may or may not do). It's also the first con where I will be going to a private room party, and the first time I will be going to any business that was saved by the fandom.

I will also arrive on the Thursday before any of the programming, which is one more day than I had at #AC2010.  This is also a "first."

Since #AC2010 I've gotten to know a lot more furries, both online and IRL, and I would love to meet you guys, so feel free to say "hi."


Help our friend Fernando stay open. Send your PayPal donations to help.furnando@yahoo.com. Every bit helps!

Even though I have never met Fernando and have never set foot in his shop, I sent 15USD. On top of that I will raid what's left of my coin jar and make another donation tomorrow.

More details can be found
>> HERE <<

If you can't donate through PayPal, send an e-mail to help.furnando@yahoo.com asking for information on where to send a check.

#SeriousPuppy Update - 13 April 2012

Since October, I have been planning to improve myself.  Part of this motive comes from preparing for AnthroCon.  However, the results of this self-improvement will lead to a longer, healthier, happier life. 

First there is the physical part.  tl;dr I went from being borderline obese to having a healthy weight.  While I was losing that weight I doing sit-ups, increasing by one sit-up each day.  However, my timing and technique were flawed.  I should have lost the weight first.  Furthermore, each additional sit-up came with a diminishing return.  I quit around February or so.

Since 1 April, I have been testing a different technique.  There isn't an exact formula, but the premise is this: by making the steps steeper, I avoid diminishing returns.  On the day before AnthroCon, I will have to do 600 sit-ups.  The goal is to have "serious abs" before the start of the convention.

However, what is perhaps more important than physical health is emotional health.  There was a point where I had high self-esteem, but in 2009 that fell apart when I found out I was hurting other people's feelings and making an ass of myself.  Some people are still mad at me for that, and I don't blame them.  This year I am taking a study skills class that is also a self-improvement class.  The message didn't start to sink in until someone told me that "confidence leads to success."  I totally had it backwards.

For almost 3 years I have been wondering how to improve my self-esteem.  2 days ago I actually started to do it.  I have been "tinkering" with my emotions, and instead of falling into the trap of being a victim and being pessimistic, I tried thinking more positive thoughts.  I kept thinking over and over that I have "a new sense of confidence," and started acting accordingly.  If I can improve my thoughts, I can improve my self-esteem.  If I can improve my self-esteem, I can take more risks.  If I can take more risks, more good things can happen, and if more good things happen, I will have a better life.

The third part of my life I am trying to improve is my financial health.  I need to start making my own money and using it wisely.

Bowling Meet!

The next bowling meet is scheduled to take place at 13:30 on 20 May 2012.

IMPORTANT: The venue has changed!  It will not be at Summit Lanes.  It will be at AMF Pro Bowl.

The meet will take place at:

AMF Pro Bowl Lanes
505 East 18th Avenue,
N Kansas City, MO 64116

The cost of bowling and shoe rental should be no more than 25USD.  AMF requires that bowler pay up-front.

This will be the first meet in which we will reserve lanes.


Please RSVP.  If you don't RSVP, we cannot guarantee that you'll be able to bowl!


@RedJumpsuit Ow...

So, I just got dissed on the Internet by my favorite band.

This is a fairly well-known band, so a lot of people probably saw this reply.  I am sorry for making the tweet.  I am sorry for what I said on Google+.  I regret how I said what I wanted to say.

I do not like Red Jumpsuit's latest single.  I liked everything else up to that point.  It would have probably been best to write a journal about it, and pointed out why I didn't like it.  I should have been more constructive with my criticism, and I am sorry I wasn't.



Camera Chaos

One day while I was walking at the Kansas City Zoo, I was taking plenty of pictures with a Canon PowerShot SD1400IS.  Then my arm had a nervous twitch and dropped the camera in front of what used to be the ape area.

I was planning on taking the camera with me to AnthroCon, but now I can't.  It is broken, and fixing it would likely cost more than it's worth. 

Fortunately, I have over a hundred dollars (conservative estimate) of coins in a jar.  I wasn't going to take it to the bank until I had more money in it, and even then I was hoping to use it for something directly related to the fandom.  Now it has to go towards getting another camera.

I did some searches on Amazon, and I found some Panasonic Lumixes that are cheaper and also far superior to the camera I had before.

My father gave me the Canon for Christmas in 2010.  Back then I wanted a Lumix, but Dad thought this was a better choice.  It was a good camera for its particular purpose.  It took good shots and enough zoom for most of the places I took it to.  Its death was very premature, and it's sad that it never saw an AnthroCon in its entire life.

RIP Canon Powershot SD1400IS: 25 December 2010 - 31 March 2012.

The next camera I get will have a neck strap, or a wrist strap that is similar to the one that is used for the Wii.  Then if I let go of it, it will not fall to the ground and shatter like the Canon did.  That was a big mistake, and it's one I hopefully will never make again.
I finally made it!  I now weigh 80kg, in clothes, before AC2012.  That's 176 pounds!  My weight without clothes is around 78kg, or 172 pounds.  Since October 2011, I lost 22kg, or 48 pounds.  I have an indisputably healthy BMI (23.3) and WHtR (0.44).  The full statistics can be found here.

Unfortunately, since the beginning of the year I was not able to keep a few of my commitments.  Since the beginning of the year I ate fast food and drank caffeine.  I also have stopped doing the "sit-up" challenge.

I think one of the biggest mistakes was doing the sit-ups before I had a normal, healthy weight.  I am going to try that again.  Starting today, I am going to do one additional sit-up a day, but to avoid diminishing returns, I am going to increase the gain by 1 every week until AnthroCon.  On the day before AnthroCon I will do 296 sit-ups, if my calculations are correct.

I also am aware that drinking caffeine for a long period of time can lower its effect, so in May I will once again stop drinking it until AnthroCon.  That will make it more "potent" at the convention.

At one of the benches overlooking the convention, I will take a picture and do a side-by-side.  I might also do a side-by-side of this photo.


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